Easy Takeout Menu plugin will help you create a take out menu for your Restaurant’s WordPress website in less than 10 minutes. Your customer orders will be sent to your email. Easy Takeout Menu is 100% Free and there is no commission for your orders.

Getting Started

To create and display a menu please follow the following easy steps:


  1. Go to Takeout Menu tab in the WordPress admin area.
  2. Go to Settings tab and configure your company name, order email address, form email, etc.
  3. Create Main Category at Categories tab (example: Special)
  4. Create Sub Category at Sub Categories tab (example: Lunch Special)
  5. Add one or more item(s) at Items tab (example: Pasta)
  6. Create a new Page or Post and paste the following Shortcode in the body: [SHOW-TakeoutMenu]
  7. Preview / Publish your Page or Post.